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If you have a request, or any questions for me, comment here. :3

24, May, 2008: OMG construction pretty much done. The new tables are pulled together and done, and are far easier to update than the lists I had before.

12, May, 2008: RHYHORN WITH EGG MOVES! This is the first time I've gotten egg moves to pass on, and it's a decent moveset. Some of them have Pokerus too. :3

Q: What time zone are you in/when are you available?

A: I live in CST (America, central time), and assuming we are figuring in my own zone, I am generally available late afternoons, or more often in the evenings. I'm generally up late at night, so if you try to catch me between 7 and midnight my time, I'll prolly be around.

Q: What do you want for the babies?

A: The simple answer is anything, fodder is fine. These guys aren't here to make a gain, they're here for you. If I can get you something you don't have, that's all the reward I need. However, for those souls who desire to lend a helping hand in return, I'll list what I need, both to expand my breeding, and just stuff I need for the dex entry.

two tables, one for dex, one for breedingCollapse )

Q: What pokemon can you breed/where are they?

A: Already bred babies are in previous entries so if you scroll down the main page, you'll see them. However, if you have a particular pokemon in mind, I've put together a chart of all the pokemon that can be bred. Pokemon I can't breed are struck out, those that have already been bred are linked, otherwise they're just text.
If you see one I can breed that's a link, follow it, and if there are no babies, ask me there and I'll gladly breed one for you. If you see one and it's text, ask me here and I'll still breed one for you (and a few extra to put a link in =P). Anyway, on to the table:

Stuff I can breed

Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle Chikorita Cyndaquil Totodile
Treecko Torchic Mudkip Turtwig Chimchar Piplup
Azurill Bonsly Budew Chingling Cleffa Elekid
Happiny Igglybuff Magby Mantyke Mime Jr Munchlax
Pichu Riolu Smoochum Togepi Tyrogue Wynaut
Generation I
Abra Aerodactyl Bellsprout Caterpie Cubone Diglett
Doduo Dratini Drowzee Eevee Ekans Farfetch'd
Gastly Geodude Goldeen Grimer Growlithe Horsea
Kabuto Kangaskhan Koffing Krabby Lapras Lickitung
Machop Magikarp Magnemite Mankey Meowth Nidoran
Oddish Omanyte Onix Paras Pidgey Pinsir
Poliwag Ponyta Porygon Psyduck Rattata Rhyhorn
Sandshrew Scyther Seel Shellder Slowpoke Spearow
Staryu Tangela Tauros Tentacool Venonat Voltorb
Vulpix Weedle Zubat
Generation II
Aipom Chinchou Corsola Delibird Dunsparce Girafarig
Gligar Heracross Hoothoot Hoppip Houndour Larvitar
Ledyba Mareep Marill Miltank Misdreavus Murkrow
Natu Phanpy Pineco Qwilfish Remoraid Sentret
Shuckle Skarmory Slugma Smeargle Sneasel Snubbull
Spinarak Stanler Sunkern Swinub Teddiursa Wooper
Generation III
Absol Anorith Aron Bagon Baltoy Barboach
Beldum Cacnea Carvanha Castform Clamperl Corphish
Duskull Electrike Feebas Gulpin Illumise Kecleon
Lileep Lotad Lunatone Luvdisc Makuhita Mawile
Meditite Minun Nincada Nosepass Numel Plusle
Poochyena Ralts Relicanth Sableye Seedot Seviper
Shroomish Shuppet Skitty Slakoth Snorunt Solrock
Speal Spinda Spoink Surskit Swablu Taillow
Torkoal Trapinch Tropius Volbeat Wailmer Whismur
Wingull Wurmple Zangoose Zigzagoon
Generation IV
Bidoof Bronzor Buizel Buneary Burmy Carnivine
Chatot Cherubi Combee Cranidos Croagunk Drifloon
Finneon Gible Glameow Hippopotas Kricketot Pachirisu
Phione Rotom Shellos Shieldon Shinx Skorupi
Snover Spiritomb Starly Stunky

  • Flying types

    Murkrow Squall - male/docile/strong willed Mira - female/quirky/sturdy body Kaze - male/lax/often scatters things Kael - male/jolly/quick…

  • Normal types

    Munchlax Snack - male/timid/highly persistent Nibble - male/calm/very finicky Avido - male/naughty/often dozes off Rattata Tarquin -…

  • Grass types

    Carnivine Byblis - male/serious/scatters things often

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